Associations of the Parish

Parish Pastoral Council

The 34 members who form the Parish Pastoral Council are a bridge/link between the parishioners and the parish team of priests. They meet every second Tuesday of the month. They work alongside the priests in discussing pastoral plans, in constantly executing the activities in the parish. The parish is divided into 24 communities; each pastoral council member is an animator for the families in his/her community. He/she not only gives advice at the monthly meeting but works as a community builder - discovering and encouraging talent, etc. He/she collaborates with the other pastoral members and the pastoral team and coordinates ideas and events and helps in making the parish more vibrant. Liturgy Group

This group consists of more than 15 men and women who organize the liturgy (prayers, preparation of gifts, etc.) for all the main celebrations of the Eucharist i.e. Christmas, New Year, Holy Week, Parish feast and various other feasts. They meet a couple of weeks before such celebration to organize the same. They also get trained by the various seminars and programme.

Altar Servers

The parish has in all 54 altar servers both boys and girls who meet every Sunday. They assist the ministers in the various liturgical services conducted in the parish and help out in various activities of the church.

Vinpal Choirs

It is a matter of pride for the parish to have 7 individual choirs to enhance our liturgies for all the 7 Sunday liturgy masses. The individual groups meet every Saturday. Their soulful music and lilting voices create an aura of holiness in the church during the services. The total strength of the choirs is 75 members.


A group of 15 men who assist and ensure the orderly execution of various religious celebrations/parish functions, etc. They very systematically carry out their duties which help in the smooth running of the show.

Extraordinary Eucharistic ministers

There are 15 lay ministers who have been commissioned as special ministers of Holy Communion who together with the parish fathers and the religious administer Holy Communion to the sick of our parish and distribute Holy Communion in the Church. These lay ministers meet once a month for prayer before the Blessed Sacrament in our chapel. They also have their recollection once in six months.


The team comprises of 26 dedicated parishioners (college students/working people) who meet every Sunday. They endeavour to fulfil their promise to the Lord, to be torchbearers of His message to the young, impressionable minds of the children in their care.
Embarking on this faith journey, hand-in-hand with Christ, they work towards strengthening the faith life of the 350-odd children of Sunday school, and of the parishioners. The year of the Eucharist was highlighted by the exhibition put up on 'Eucharist down the Ages' which the parishioners found quite enlightening. The exhibition was also well accepted by all present at the Symposium on the Holy Eucharist held at St. Pius Seminary recently. We celebrated our silver jubilee in December 2008.

Vinpal Youth

The parish has a dynamic group of 65 youngsters in the Vinpal Youth Group. They meet every Thursday. They are very fondly called the JOSH machines of our parish. Vibrant and full of life, they are always ready to be of any assistance. Their tri-goals are formation, fellowship and service.

They have various sessions and seminars to help in their personal formation and also organize a lot of fellowship gatherings and activities to liven up the parish life. Their service can be depended upon for the different functions organized in the parish. They celebrated their silver jubilee in December 2009.

Legion of Mary

Legion of Mary of our parish is named as 'Mary Queen of the Apostles'. It consists of 17 members and functions with the slogan 'Ave Maria'. This group meets on every Tuesday at 7.00 P.M. Works undertaken by the association are Rosary campaign, visits to homes, slums, hospital, bereaved families, institutions such as home for the aged, Cheshire home, Sneha Sadan and Nava Jothi. Holy hour is held on the first Saturday of every month for the members.

Prayer Group

The Catholic Charismatic Renewal is instrumental in bringing people into a continuous renewal of faith to experience God as their loving Abba, Father and thereby deepening their relationship as His sons and daughters, making them temples of the Holy Spirit. The Prayer Group of our parish is named as St. Vincent Pallotti prayer group, meets each Monday at 7.30 P.M. where the faithful are led by the Spirit to praise, thank and worship God joyfully, thereby proclaiming Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. The lively praise and worship is strengthened further through breaking God's Word, celebrating the Holy Eucharist once a month, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, conducting night vigils and fellowship gatherings. The prayer group has its intercessory meetings once a week on Thursdays interceding in our chapel for the needs of the parish and the world.

St. Vincent de Paul Society

The international catholic organization of St. Vincent de Paul Society was founded with the sole aim of service towards the marginalized. They meet every Wednesday. We are in the infant stage in our parish, since its inception happened only in 2003 with 12 member strength. The members (Vincentians, as they call themselves) gather regularly in a spirit of charity to assist people suffering from terminal diseases, the group provides education to needy and deserving children and adopts financially stripped families. The group also organizes on a regular basis, medical check-ups on Thursdays for the needy ill at the Medical Clinic Centre established by them. They also supply snacks to Balwaadis where little children are looked after and cared for.   

Alcoholic anonymous Pallotti group

The Alcoholics anonymous Pallotti group was started on 23rd march 2000. There are many members who attend the meeting every Tuesday at 7.50 P.M. onwards. It is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience of strength and hope with each other to solve their common problem - alcoholism. It is a free fellowship. The only requirement is an honest desire to stop drinking. The primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety on 'ONE DAY AT A TIME' basis.

Hope and Life Movement

This movement was started in the year 2000. It has 17 members, all of whom are widows, thus the name hope and life. They meet once in a month to share and encourage to live a meaningful life. Each member is a source of strength to others.

Civic and Political Cell

This cell has got 12 members. They meet once in a month. They look after various activities connected with the society. On the Independence Day they arrange the flag hoisting. They also give prizes to the topper in the HSC and SSC of the current year. Our members render legal advice and counseling service to the needy.

Senior citizens

The senior citizens of our parish meet every day in the church campus. They share their experience and get enriched by each other. they also speak about the various things.

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