Sacrament of baptism is administered on the second and fourth Sundays of the month.


Parents’ and god parents’ attendance of pre-baptismal catechism* is a must. The pre-baptismal classes are for two Sundays.
It is announced in the church regarding the days of the classes.
Parents must fill the form and submit it in the office. It contains the details of the names of the child to be baptized, parents, godparents, date and time of baptism, etc.

Pre- Baptismal Catechism *

Faith in God is the essence of our Christian life. This wonderful experience has to be imparted to your precious ‘bundle of joy’ even before he/she sees the first rays of sun. As husband and wife it is the responsibility of both to impart this faith. Hence it is imperative that both should attend both the sessions. Pregnancy sometimes can be difficult towards the later half. So kindly try to come during the first six months.


The sacrament of reconciliation is administered on the first Friday of every month from 6.00PM onwards and every Saturday. There will be special arrangement prior to Christmas and Easter. At special requests the available priest will attend to it.


Sacrament of Holy Communion is administered usually after the Easter because it is a post Easter sacrament. Requirements:
  • The candidate must undergo one year of training programme in the parish on Sundays during the Sunday school.
  • Intensive classes for parents and the children which are added towards the end of the year.
  • During the year there are five meetings for the parents of the recipient of the first Holy Communion.


Sacrament of confirmation is administered once in a year, after the Easter because it is a post Easter sacrament. Requirements:
  • The candidate must undergo one year of training programme in the parish on Sundays.
  • If the candidate misses more than two classes, they are asked to discontinue and asked to join the classes from the beginning in the following year.
  • The candidate has to join any one of the associations.
  • The candidate will meet the animator twice during the year.
  • During the year parents have to attend a few sessions when announced.


Mass timings for the wedding are: on Sunday it is at 4.00PM and on week days at 5.00 or 5.30 PM. It is allowed to combine with the Sunday mass in the evening i.e. at 5.30PM. There can be more than one wedding parties if the wedding is combined with the regular mass of the parish.
There is always an enquiry before the marriage. The enquiry always starts from the girl’s parish. The person who intends to get married should fill the pre-nuptial form which is available in the office. It has to be done in the presence of one of the parish fathers. The following documents have to be brought along:
  • Baptism certificate issued within six months;
  • Confirmation certificate;
  • Marriage preparation course certificate.

After the pre-nuptial form is filled then the date for the banns is fixed depending upon the date of marriage. Preparation of the liturgy for the wedding is also important. The concerned party prepares the liturgy – introduction, readings, preparation of gifts and thanksgiving - and shows it to the priest in – charge of the liturgy. After all this is done, booking for the mass and the things related to the mass like choir, etc. are to be arranged. There will be a practice of marriage liturgy a few days before the marriage for which the both the parties intending to marry must be present. Confession before the marriage is a must for both the parties.


The sacrament of the anointing of the sick is given when ever a family member of a sick or aged person requests it. Holy Communion for the sick is taken by the priests on the first Friday of the month. The religious sisters and the extraordinary Eucharistic ministers take on the Sundays.

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