Vision Statement

"Vinpal family of God
moving towards a society
where love and concern
within the family and the neighbourhood
is a way of life."

Mission Statement

  • To build a community of communities through fostering a network of relationships among parishioners based on neighborhood, profession, common interests and mutual support.
  • To deepen the spiritual life of parishioners by:
    Giving more meaning, beauty and content to liturgical services
    Encouraging prayer group, Bible study, meditation and adoration
    Organizing healing and penitential services, missions and retreats,
  • to reach out to the poor, the underprivileged, the sick and the lonely in the parish through educational, medical and material aid, visitation and networking;
  • To encourage and enthuse every parishioner to participate more fully and actively in the life of the parish by joining parish-sponsored activities, groups, associations and organizations
  • To develop bonds of fellowship and solidarity with Christians of other denominations living in the parish area.

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